We are the
Alliance of Doctors & Concerned Citizens
Against CoVid.

What We Do

Working on battling the uncontrolled rise of the Corona virus in Bacolod City with its overwhelming effect in our healthcare system and the economy

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The ADCCAC Credo

We are a group of professionals in the field of medicine as well as a network of concerned citizens committed to provide social, economic, and technical services which will benefit the health and well- being of the Negrenses;

We fully support the Negrense’s fight against COVID 19 finally to put a stop once and for all the pains and sufferings brought about by its contagion not only locally but globally as well;

We believe that we will triumph over this evil as long as good citizens do something bolder in the struggle for human survival by helping the authorities in many ways, be it big or little, anywhere and anytime, directly and indirectly, and be it in whatever form it could be most especially in the aspect of: educating the public about the enemy and the ways to prevent affliction; by ensuring efficacy of treatment and approaches; in instilling discipline to assure efficiency and effectiveness in enforcement; maintaining human dignity through provision of survival needs; finding solutions and formulating policies for the greater good, among others;

With the blessings of the Almighty, we from the different sectors and walks of life, bind to commit to ourselves in the fight against COVID 19 and all other pandemonium for the enjoyment of the future generations.

So help us God!