Doctors, colleagues, friends as a matter of clarification, my letter to Mayor Leonardia yesterday was a Proposed Plan not as a Manifesto. We are still in the process of finalizing the formation of the Alliance composed of doctors in their personal capacity or group and the various stakeholders in the community. So far we received several confirmations. The Alliance is a Collegial Body and every move or decision shall be decided by the majority. We have to set aside our own personal diffences, vested interests and conflicts within. We have to think our survival, that of our family and the entire community at this time of the pandemic. We need your ideas and contribution to this effort to suppress the transmission of Covid19.At this time, the City government and the Covid Task Force needs our help directly or indirectly as a reinforcement on how to control the spread of the virus. Right now our vivid contribution is our on going daily “ Public Health Education” program. As far as I know he City has no clear implementation of whatever plan, strategy or measures in the Baragay level. Their best is not enough. Lets “Walk the Talk”. No more meetings, lectures, planning and brain storming. There is now a “Clear and Present Danger”. Trust and faith is the only tool we are holding now. We have to work either in our own personal capacities, within the framework of our organization or even beyond that. As of now there is no concrete solution to this menace, only “Dynamism” for us to put our acts together. Please, do not put any malice in my advocacy. I already retired from polictics long time ago and my action is due to desperation and frustration
and fear that someday, I might become a victim of Covid 19. Only God knows my humble intention and he will provide our real course in life. Life now is going to be different… God needs us to repent for our indiscretions and sins and we have to ask his mercy according to his unfailing love. We have to change our lifestyle, habits, and outlook in life and our relationship to one another (full of forgiveness, compassion, love, faith, trust and hope). This is the time of the pandemic…. Thank you and God bless us all!


-Nevlim Zenabi